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11/07/2023 by 

A Raspberry Pi environmental monitoring system

First of all, what is environmental monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is an essential part of caring for our collections. By keeping track of the environment within the museum we can make better decisions about how to care for our objects and if problems do arise it should help us identifying them sooner.

Image shows a Raspberry Pi environmental monitoring unit which includes a Raspberry Pi in a case, the Enviro+ sensors on top, connected via a cable is the particulate matter sensor.

The monitor

The monitor consists of:

-A Raspberry Pi (Zero WH)

-An Enviro+ ‘HaT’ (Hardware attached on top)

-A particulate matter sensor

-A protective case for the Raspberry Pi

What do these do?

-The Raspberry Pi, a small computer, powers the unit.

-Enviro+ has sensors that take temperature, humidity, light, pressure, and noise readings.

-The particulate matter sensor measures how many microscopic particles are in the air.

-The case keeps the Raspberry Pi safe and sound!