We are a small museum in the heart of Billericay High Street dedicated to the history of the area and its community. Pay us a visit and learn something new about the town! There is no entry fee but we do welcome donations.

74 High Street was purchased by Mrs. Alice Cater in memory of her husband, William, and to provide Billericay with a museum. The Cater Museum opened officially in 1960 and featured collections from the Caters, Harry Richman (our first curator), Anthony Nicholl and A. Basil Brooks.


On Saturday 6th July we’ll be remembering the Peace Day Celebration which marked the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the formal ending of the Great War.

If you would like to find out about the soldiers who served and what happened when they returned, about the commissioning of the War Memorial or take part in a walk to see where our soldiers lived have a look at our events page. Perhaps you’d like to know more about the 1919 Peace Day Celebration? If so, read our recent post